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Highlights at a glance

  • Information powerhouse: you heard it many times "information is power". The book has about 5 times more information than the whole content of this site. Each chapter is greatly expanded. Many new chapters have been added over time which are not covered on the site.
  • Updated immigration section: covering all aspects of working in America, visa types, 11 ways of getting a green card, citizenship information and lot-lot more. I not only share with you my personal experience, but I spent hundreds of hours in research to compile all the information in easy to understand, plain English.
  • Saves you time and money: get the right information from the right place and get it all at once. The e-book covers all the information you need, and it will save you frustration and money. See the table of contents.
  • It's portable: the e-book is portable, you can use it on your home computer or your laptop, it's your choice.
  • Free updates for life: I am updating the e-book continuously with new information and new chapters. You will get all these updates for free.

Detailed overview

In addition to this, there has been added 45 brand new chapters to the book.

  • 12 new chapters added on Immigration
    • H1-B workers visa information: step-by-step guide how to get a job in the USA, how to get your worker's visa
    • B1/B2 visitor visa
    • Green card information, about 20 ways to obtain one
    • Green Card Lottery details: how you can win a green card for free?
    • Green Card through employment, very detailed overview, step-by-step to dos, forms, resources
    • How to find a good immigration attorney
    • and lots of others
  • 5 chapters with detailed overview of the US cellular market
    • cellular companies, quality of their service, advantages, disadvantages
    • how to select the cellular plan which suits you best, what points to consider
    • what you should know before you commit yourself with a cellular company
    • overview of the major cellular companies, strengths and weaknesses
    • what is the 911 emergency service, when to use it
    • a lot more information about phone card, rates including international calls
    • toll free numbers
  • 3 chapters on all aspects of traveling, including
    • Comprehensive information on hotels, motels
    • Things you should know to save money on hotels, or to avoid rip-offs
    • Overview of the major hotel chains with classification and proice range. Save money by going to the right place
    • additional info you should know about getting through airport security after 9/11 terrorist attacks
    • more information you should know on flying to avoid problems
    • overview of airports, their main services
  • 3 chapters on restaurants and fast food places, including
    • Overview of the major restaurants
    • Major fast-food chains, broken down into categories
    • Find out more about the Mexican cuisine and food
  • 7 chapters about shipping and mailing services, including a detailed description and major ways of shipping for
    • The US Postal Service (USPS)
    • Fedex
    • United Parcel Service (UPS)
    • DHL
    • Airborne Express
    • If you move how to re-route your mail to your new address free of charge, so you won't lose your mail
  • 7 chapters on money, banking and finances, including
    • overview of the US banking sytem
    • what is vital to know about the US credit system so you won't up paying a fortune on car insurance, house or car loan. What good and bad "credit" means, how this affects you, and why is this important. And of course if something is wrong how you van fix it.
    • what are the "credit bureaus", what data they store about you, and give away to others
    • what is the Federal Reserve System the bank of the banks, how those guys they make billions out of nothing, and control the interest rates and the whole US economy
    • what is the truth about the US national debt?
    • a whole chapter about personal and business checks, how they work, what to use them for
    • what methods of payments are used in America
    • what are cashier checks and how to use them
    • what are travelers checks
    • what are money orders
    • what are gift certificates
  • 8 chapters on car buying matters, including
    • find out the major car insurance companies in the US, their strengths and weaknesses
    • overview of the most common type of cars used in the USA
    • overview of the most common US car brands and manufacturers
    • questions to ask on the phone when pre-qualifying the car, a real time saver
    • tricks sellers use when they tell you about the car, how to read between the lines: what they are saying what really means
    • What are "lemons" (the problem cars) and how to avoid them
    • get free "lemon check" from the link within the book
    • full inspection checklist to see if the car you are planning to buy worth the money, and has nothing wrong
    • vital things you should know about inspecting a car, like when to inspect and when not, what to do and what to avoid
    • when do you need a mechanic during this process
    • getting car insurance: what you need and what you don't need
    • 10 points to know when shopping for insurance, like how to get insurance discounts etc. Knowing this could save you a lot in the long run.
    • how to read newspaper ads, a complete list to those cryptic abbreviations
  • 7 full new chapters on health insurance
    • Every health insurance type is covered in far more detail. This includes breakdown of all expenses, what you pay vs. what the insurance company pays so you can avoid surprises.
    • how to find the right health insurance for you
    • extensive comparative chart of the main advantages / disadvantages of each type of insurance
    • what questions to ask, what factors to look for when shopping for health insurance
    • other types of health insurance not covered on the site
    • health insurance terms explained in plain english, so you understand what what you buy
  • 5 chapters on renting a home and related services, tips and tricks to get a better value for your money, and a better place to stay
    • detailed overview of the renting process, including most of the jargon terms explained in plain english
    • additional services which come free in many cases when you rent an apartment, so don't forget to ask
    • apartment classification by size
    • problems you might encounter during the renting process and possible solutions
    • gas, water & utilities
    • How to install a home phone line, procedure, fees
    • internet and e-mail, including dial-up, broadband and satellite
    • What is AOL (America OnLine)?
  • And lots of other topics , like short history of the US, geographical info etc.
  • Plus new chapters are coming soon

Many chapters have a special "resource" section at the end where all this research information can be found.

You probably heard before, that the most powerful asset is information. And there are LOTS of information in the book. The lack of this information cost me the these past years in the order of hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

It's all yours for 19.95 with instant download.

I placed lots of emphasis not only on the content, but the format of the e-book as well, to make it easy to read, navigate and look professional. I think you will be very pleased with it. If not then just drop me a line and will give you a refund within 30 days of your purchase.

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And the work still continues. There are so many things to still be written... That's why my plan is to keep the book updated several times a year, keep adding new content, make changes where necessary to keep it updated as times changes. All future editions and updates will be free to you as well.


Hope this e-book will make your life a lot easier and will save you lots of headache, frustration and money.

Best regards,


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